Serial Blogger

I blog like smokers try to quit: it takes multiple tries before the effort really sticks. This is my fourth or fifth blog. Before, I blogged about moving across the country, mostly so my family could read about my adventures. And then I blogged about books and other fine reading materials, but . . . the energy behind that eventually, well, died.  And there were other half-hearted attempts. I think that what was so hard about it before was that I was limiting my topics. I tried to have a theme, like the professional bloggers. But I am not a professional blogger. I am just an avid thinker and learner, full of curiosity and opinions. So, I shall blog in that vein: whatever catches my fancy, whatever interesting thing I happen to hear, whatever outrage gets me going – I just might write about those things. Hopefully, my readership (currently a readership of zero!) will find some little thing of interest.


One response to “Serial Blogger

  1. Laurie Duchnowski

    Readership now stands at one. I miss you!! Keep writing it makes me feel as if I am a part of your everyday life. Love Laurie

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