Health in the News

I thought I’d just post a few health articles I’ve read recently. At least one of them is alarming, but most are just interesting. Oh, and you can read about my “health scare” this week (i.e., the very rare condition I was afraid – for about 30 seconds – that I might have).

Marijuana linked to testicular cancer.

Vitamin D helps prevent MS.

Another study about happiness.

Humans: “not so stupid after all” — on why our brains are not always good at making decisions.


2 responses to “Health in the News

  1. Laurie Duchnowski

    What health scare?? Did you smell something really awful? More details R needed. Love Laurie

  2. angiearmstrong

    I’m just referring to my paranoia about health — seems like I always think I have the symptoms of strange diseases when I hear about the strange diseases. The only reason I mention the olfactory hallucinations is because I seem to have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. I often smell things that other people don’t!

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