Resume Redo!

I am redesigning my resume. I want something more creative and interesting, something that gives a better idea of what I am like, not just what I know how to do. It’s kind of a pain. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hasn’t thought so. But it’s the way of our (corporate) world, so I acquiesce. I was tempted to hire someone else to write it, but then I saw their fees ($379!) and I saw their samples (hey, I could write that!), and I decided to do it on my own.  And then I got notice from the company where I’ve been working: one more month on my current project, then no more work for me! I am heading back into the wild word of job hunting!


2 responses to “Resume Redo!

  1. Laurie Duchnowski

    When you go out into that wide world of job hunting look into Salyersville, KY you never know. Yeah, right. I like the idea of travelling for work it is definately something worth looking into. all my love, your sister Laurie

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