I have taken a break from my commitment to blogs about all things neuroscience in order to read blogs about crafting. This was spurred by the fact that I am moving into a different apartment in a couple of weeks, and I am still ‘f’unemployed (so I have to make my own things, repurpose, get creative!). As a woman who has only been tangently interested in crafting before — or, not even — I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the amazing creativity of the craft and design blogospheres! I mean, you wouldn’t believe what these people come up with!

Now that I have trolled nearly every DIY blog in the world, I see my own belongings in a whole new light. There isn’t a bit of furniture, canvas, paper, ceramic in the place that I can’t imagine ripping up, tearing down, painting, decoupaging, or otherwise updating with bright and happy freshness. However, I am holding off on most projects until after I move. The exception is the desk I bought for $9.99 at Goodwill a week ago. I’ve started sanding it so that I can paint it red — delicious, delicious red. If I can find vintage patterns of strawberries for the top, I might do a little decoupagery to add them.

Other crafts that I’m loving are the papercrafts, like these cute, little gift bags made from envelopes from How About Orange. I’m going to throw a party just so I can make a bunch of those little bags, fill them with party favors, and give them to friends, who will undoubtedly fawn over them because they are adorable. I’m also thinking that decoupage is pretty awesome (wait, have I mentioned decoupage yet?). You can glue pretty paper to just about anything, seal it, and voila: loveliness. See for yourself — here’s a great project from

I’m also super excited about the lovely things I shall be sending to my siblings for their birthdays. I can’t wait! heheehehehahahaha! No, really. They’re gonna love this stuff.


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