Study Hall

This weekend my roommate moved to her new apartment. I, however, am stuck in the old one for two more weeks. To say that it feels odd to be in a half-empty apartment is an understatement: it’s actually really difficult! Aside from the lack of material comforts (couch is gone; most dishes are gone), there is a tremendously sad sense of abandonment that manifests itself like a whisper blowing through the empty spaces: she is not coming back. The excitement of having my own place to decorate just as I like has been dampened somewhat by the reality of my joblessness. For the first time, I am starting to be quite nervous. I mean, I know I won’t starve, but I can’t help worrying that if I don’t get a job really soon (like, now), I won’t have the resources to do some things I’d been planning to do this fall. *Le sigh*

On a brighter note, I discovered my apartment complex’s study hall, which has free wifi. This is a lifesaver since the internet has been transferred to my former roommate’s new apartment and I won’t be subscribing to anything until I get to my new apartment. Today the study hall has been my office: I came in the morning and researched some companies. Then I went home and had lunch. After lunch I came back and sent out some resumes and cover letters. Being here rather than in the apartment has really helped me focus.


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